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*Qui-Ja Board

Artikelbeschreibung QuiJa Board Celtic [mehr...]
Witchboard [mehr...]
-AWV [mehr...]    € 39.90

Witchboard Silver Angel mit Engel-Motiven, handgearbeitet aus Teakholz-Furnier. Alle Witchboards werden natürlich mit Planchette geliefert. ca 58 cm x 43 cm ... [mehr...]
Artikelbeschreibung Witchboard Pentagramm klein [mehr...]
Witchboard [mehr...]
-AWV [mehr...]    € 26.90

Witchboard Pentagramm klein, handgearbeitet aus Holz-Verbundstoff. Alle Witchboards werden natürlich mit Planchette geliefert. Maße: 40 cm x 40 cm... [mehr...]
Artikelbeschreibung Ouija-Board Altar Cloth [mehr...]
Altartuch [mehr...]
-Witch [mehr...]    € 23.00

Intended to help you bring your success with pendulum work, divination, and dowsing to new levels, this 100% cotton altar cloth has been brilliantly worked into an image very similar to a Ouija-Board. Hover your pendulum over its surface or otherwise use it as a base for your divination and its markings of "yes," "no," and other such answers can help bring you into a realm of true communication with the energies and spirits all around you. This Ouija-Board Altar cloth is approximately 61x76cm in... [mehr...]