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Artikelbeschreibung Runenset aus Holz [mehr...]
Runenset [mehr...]
-AWV [mehr...]    € 17.90

Runenset aus Holz, handgefertigt, mit den 24 Runen des älteren Futhark. Die Runen werden im roten Baumwoll-Stoffbeutel geliefert. Grösse der Runen ca 3 x 2 cm ... [mehr...]
Artikelbeschreibung Clear Glass Rune Set [mehr...]
Runen [mehr...]
-Witch [mehr...]    € 14.90

Within this set of runes you will find 25 clear glass stones, each painted with gold lettering that is patterned after the Elder Futhark style, which has long been held as sacred. Together, the set is a powerful aid in divination magick while individually each rune can be used to lend power to your spells and rituals, with each rune possessing its own meaning and properties. This set comes with a black velvet bag to make it easier to carry and care for your runes. ... [mehr...]
Artikelbeschreibung Moonstone Rune Set [mehr...]
Runen [mehr...]
-Witch [mehr...]    € 19.90

These hand-crafted runes are carved of tumbled and polished moonstone, beautifully shaped so as to provide 25 rune stones (one blank stone) that have been worked into an even shape and design. Etched into the surface of each you will find gold-painted lettering displaying runes that are patterned after the Germanic, Elder Futhark Runes, which have long been held as sacred by Germanic and Norse peoples and faiths. Though this Rune set is most often used for casting in divination, each rune can be... [mehr...]