Dreaming Way Lenormand

  • 9781572817586

Dreaming Way Lenormand


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Artikelnummer: 9781572817586



This charming 36-card Petit Lenormand deck offers fresh, new perspectives for this traditional system of fortune telling. Contemporary Korean artist Kwon Shina’s imaginative style of artwork provides the reader with clever visual cues that capture the mood, nuances, and inner meanings of the cards. When you look at the Dog card, you will know in an instant this card portrays loyal friendship, not a threat. If you are learning Lenormand for the first time, this is a delightful deck to learn the core meanings. If you are already familiar with the Lenormand system, Kwon’s dreamy images will inspire you to look at Lenormand in a whole new way. 

Included: 36 cards.

Cards size: 6.35 x 8.9 cm (2.5″ x 3.5″). Weight of the deck: 140 g. (0.31 lbs) (approx).

Includes instruction booklet (in English).

Plastic coated paper playing cards.