2013: Ecstatic Sonics

2013: Ecstatic Sonics


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It’s common to hear people speculating on what the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012 means for humanity. Sound healer Jonathan Goldman goes a step further, presenting a powerful recording of sounds and tones that aims to capture the sonic essence of year 2013, and the quantum leap of consciousness that is expected to come with it. The recording, which was created with the intention of being listened to as one flowing set, features excerpts from Goldman’s past work, unreleased pieces and new pieces chosen specifically for this recording. All of the cuts are tied together by a unifying thread called „Ecstatic Sounds.“ This tonal backbone is comprised of frequencies associated with the crown chakra, meditative frequencies with a delta brainwave basis and frequencies based on the work of sound pioneer Dr. Peter Guy Manners, which reflect joy and ecstasy. Musically, this dynamic recording includes tuning forks, chant, vocal harmonics, Tibetan bowls and tones augmented with different ratios and frequencies for healing.