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Transcendental Reiki


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Disc 1
1 Transcendental Reiki [30:05] 2 Vibration of Love [30:09]

Mahanta Das’s musical quest is not over and he resolutely goes ahead ignoring any boundaries. Joyous melodies, bells smiling at life as celebrating Easter holiday, mantras of love resonating in the Ashram, tender devotional chants whispered by a monk during his daily office. Gentle and relaxing harmonies that perfectly suit as the perfect soundtrack when practicing Reiki: Transcendental Reiki is a useful album for Reiki Masters and for those in search of balance. Includes the delicate sound of smooth bells every 3 minutes.

Beautiful melodies floating as free as the universal energy flowing through the hands of the Reiki practioner.

An ordinary man but at the same time special, Mahanta Das loves and savours life with simplicity while nurturing the flame of spirituality full of a joy and energy that are infectious. Mahanta Das has been living as a monk in an Ashram for many years and, enriched by this experience, he began to write music to cocoon body and soul: beautiful ritual chants that give a sense of wellbeing through their mantric contents that purify the mind.

The music takes the listener to an uplifting world of joy that helps facing everyday life with spirituality and love, gently led by Mahanta Das, He who serves the greater goal (maha = great, anta = goal, das = he who serves).