Celtic Dreams

Celtic Dreams


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The profile of Meav Ni Mhaolchatha hit an all time high in 2005, when the crystalline voiced chanteuse began recording and touring as a member of the notable „Celtic Woman“ quintet. This, however, was not Meav’s first moment in the limelight; besides a blossoming solo career, she had a stint performing for Riverdance and was a part of the sublime choral ensemble Anuna. It’s her Anuna years that are highlighted on CELTIC DREAMS. This album, which features material recorded between 1995 and 1998, is simply gorgeous – the purity of Meav’s voice matches perfectly with the heavenly voices of Anuna. In fact, the effect is downright spiritual. The songs range from those with strong Celtic flavors („Blackthorn“) to straight choral works („Beati Quorum Via“) to choral pieces that focus on Meav’s vocals front and center („Midnight“).